Get to know your partner.

Get to know that special person in your life or get to know them again. This book will serve as your guide to ask powerful questions, discuss real-life scenarios, and enjoy the moment. Discover and re-discover the bond you share with your significant other. 

This book is a perfect date night activity. Whether you are a recent couple or a couple who no longer has a spark. Let this book help you reminisce about "why" the two of you are together or "why" the two of you should not be together.

Mother & Daughter Edition

A terrific gift for mother and daughter.  Daughters are many times, just like their moms. Like so, this combination can be like oil and water. Let this book enhance the relationship between the two.

Every mother and daughter have more in common than they actually think.

 Whether you love it or hate it, examine the bond the two of you share. This book will help you not to take each other for granted. 

Mother to Incarcerated Son

There is a common misconception that once someone has been imprisoned they are no longer a value to society. 

The difference between most people and someone who has been to prison is that most people did not get caught. 

Regardless of the past, this book will help to restore a sense of self. 

Conversations between mother and son will remind your child of who he is and what he can become.